Seremban Siew Pow

A cult classic, this pure traditional Chinese pastry made of secret family ingredients needs no introduction. A hit for decades, this is heaven in the first bite.

Seremban Siew Pow

Portuguese Egg Tart

Sweet Meat Bun

Crispy Kaya Puff

Penang Green Bean Biscuit

Crispy Seremban Siew Pow


Seremban Fresh Home

Home of the freshest seafood and steamboat buffet, the list of savory delectables here are endless.

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Meatball & Others


Restaurant Seafood

Serving you on-demand, in-house Kirin prawns cooked in a million servings and other captivating creatures of the sea.

Fresh Crab

Live Prawn

Salted Steam Chicken

Crispy Golden Lotus

Fresh Salted Steamed Crab

Local Cuisine

Indulge beyond food with authentic Seremban experience, offering you tour packages catered to a small family to a larger convoy.

Curry Chicken Rice

Spicy Prawn Noodles

Nasi Lemak

Mushroom Rice

Seafood & Prawn Porridge

Herbal Chicken Noodle

Steamed Fish Fillet with XO

Kampung Chicken Porridge with Oyster


Not limited to just siew pows and great cuisine, get exquisite gifts or bring home some from chocolate to food packs.

Bird Nest

Curry Bread

Ribbon Cookie

Soy Crisp

Brown Rice Coffee

Live Prawn (1kg)

Walnut Cookie

Live Prawn (500g)

Honey Comb Cookie

Pork Floss