At the beginning of his career, Mr. Teh travel with a small old van to sell his siew pao at Seremban wet market. His siew pao was selling like hot cakes and grew well because of the best quality assured. Next, he began further expand his business by supplying his siew pao to coffee shops and mini markets. His business concept continues until 1989.


Mr. Teh was so ambitious. He wishes to make his siew pao well known by everyone. So, he decided to explore and starting develop further to Kuala Lumpur market. He found an ideal place at SS2 Petaling Jaya to further expand his dream. Mr & Mrs Teh willing to drive his small old van from Seremban wet market in the morning and rush to SS2 Petaling Jaya at afternoon to sell more siew pao. Mrs. Teh will usually fall asleep in the small old van due to tiredness. In the first 3 weeks, they manage to sell 100 to 200 pieces of siew pao but Mr & Mrs Teh believing that a good product will definitely be appreciated by everyone. Never giving up attitude and continuous spirit to make consistently best siew pao, they began to see their business rapidly grow. In order to let this siew pao to be well known products of Seremban, Mr. Teh named it as Seremban Siew Pao.


Mr. Teh siew pao was grown from unknown local delicacy till extreme demand for supplies. Mr. Teh then partnered with his 4 siblings to this business. The company was named after the four brothers – “Kei Yip Weng Cheong Food Ltd Co”. At that time the main kitchen was located at Seremban and head office at Old Klang Road (Kuala Lumpur). They recruited agents to sell and market their siew pao. In just a short time of period, Seremban siew pao was spread widely available all over Malaysia.


This was the year the brand's Goals & Policies came about and officiated, just in time to draw a line between imitations, Seremban Siew Pow knock-offs disrupting their market share popping up everywhere. The proven franchising policies of KFC and McDonald's became their point of reference with the company's aim to build a stringent quality control process much like the fast food giants.


Seremban Siew Pao Empire purpose and goal are to improve Negeri Sembilan tourism and further enhance economy. Those dreams are achievable with the company brand and structure to another level height of success. Seremban Siew Pao Empire is to introduce our authentic Chinese cuisine and as a rest and eating point cater for North-South highway users.


As an initiator, founder and provider of the now legendary siew pows, the quality of products became the first and foremost priority. From the basic ingredients right up to the shelves, only the best siew pows will ever see the light of day, reaching out to customers.


It is best to say that traditional servings serves the best comfort in any community, color and creed. Likewise, Seremban Siew Pow aims to promote the classic Chinese favorite, a flaky piece of puffy pastry with a sweet and savory surprise inside that goes way back in time. From a local Chinese food to a global exposure, this is the ultimate ambition of Seremban Siew Pow Food Stuff Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.